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Meet our Brand Reps - The Watson girls

We Are The Watsons - Meet Us
Hey there! Firstly, let me kick this off by saying how thrilled we are to be jumping into the Ma & Fraf family. It’s so flattering when other people agree with my biased opinion of how cute I think my girls are 🙊
I’m Ness, Mama to 3 girls who I strive to purposefully raise into confident and adventurous natured young ladies. 2 year old Harper, and 10 months old twins Florence and Remy - who you may also see referred to as Roddy and Remington 😂
Motherhood has been both really tough and really beautiful for me throughout my journey so far, but I really felt apart of something when I stepped into this ‘Mama’ role. 
@wearethewatsons is my place to connect with other women and both celebrate and support the highs and lows of motherhood - both mine and yours. As I’ve learnt, it can be a lonely and isolating job so it’s amazing to have a platform where we are able to come together! 
When Ma & Fraf asked if the Watson girls would join as brand reps, I was stoked. I love the feminine and vintage look of their fabric and style choices. As well as it being a small NZ business who makes their garments by hand - you can see the love that goes in to their pieces. 
The girls wardrobes are mostly plain/basic items that can be
mixed and matched, or layered with a small number of more ‘special’ garments for occasions that don’t involve mud. It seems I breed my kids messy!
Bye for now 
Ness x

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